Never use marijuana or any other illegal drugs!

This flyer is produced by Sakyo Ward VPO(volunteer probation officers)Association. It is handed out to all students at Drug Abuse Prevention Classes held by the members of Sakyo Ward VPO Association at some of the elementary schools in the Sakyo district. As drug abuse is spreading among the local youth, we made use of Manga character to catch their eyes.
We show in this flyer how drug pushers approach teenagers skillfully via smartphones and inform them how to get marijuana.
Drug Abuse Prevention Classes have been held at many places in Japan for the past 10 years. Almost every child in the upper grades of elementary school understands that, drug use is against the law and it should never be used. Nevertheless there are still a number of younger people who abuse drugs.

The students at the lecture by a pharmacist


The students who start to use drugs are, generally speaking, feeling isolated and have difficulties to consult with their families and friends at school. Or, they might have been rejected by someone they asked for help, and out of despair, became more isolated and more desperate to use drugs.





This flyer’s utmost aim is to get close to the hearts of children who have troubles at home or at school. What we want to convey is the message that they are not alone and there are people who sincerely care about them. We are telling them “Don’t be worried on your own! You can consult with your teachers, family members, and reliable persons in your neighbourhood!”



The students’ role play

Our Drug Abuse Prevention Class in the elementary school is divided into two parts. In the first part, students learn about the nature of drugs from pharmacists. In the second part, students participate in a role play with adults such as VPOs. The adults try to solicit students to use drugs and the students manage to reject it clearly.




Original flyer in Japanese

This flyer was prepared with the help and cooperation of Sakyo Ward VPO Association, Kyoto Prefectural Citizens’ Conference Against Drug Abuse, Kyoto Probation Office, designer, manga creator and Kyoyuren Social Welfare Fund.

Manga Character:
”Give My Regards to Black Jack”  SHUHO SATO
Tamaki Yokochi・Ayako Sakonji(Kyoto Probation Office)
Design:Yunosuke Kawabe
Photo: Yoshitaka Kawami
Director:Osamu Ueno








翻        訳:横地環・左近司彩子(京都保護観察所)
写        真:川見善孝

上野 修 左京区保護司会理事
川見善孝 左京区保護司会理事
伊藤恵子 左京区保護司会理事
椹木 稔 左京区保護司会理事